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Wed 21 June 2000 The Harbinger Archive
The morning after the night before special


Everyone will see some weather by the mid morning with further weather moving in this evening.

Hopping forecast
Frogs will be plentiful in damp areas of woodland and close to ponds and rivers. Tadpoles are cute aren't they.

All roads passable with care except in Slough.









Royal Date
The son of the Queen, Prince Charles, has been out on a date with his girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles. Charles called for Camilla at about 7.30 and asked if she fancied going to dinner with him in London. A spokesperson for Camilla said, "It was touch and go, poor Cammy didn't have a thing to wear". Ms Bowles has already met Charles's mum, The Queen, and the two seemed to get on OK. It is thought that Charles got Camilla home for 10.30 and it is not thought that they had a kiss in the car outside her home.

Summer solstice arrives on cue
People were up and about a bit sharpish this morning in order to see the sun rise over Stonehenge. For the first time in as many years, members of the general public, as opposed to members of some other public collective, were allowed near the stones. Druids and other pagans were allowed to mingle freely amongst lower lifeforms and marked the exact moment of sunrise by sacrificing an elderly man who travelled from Woking. Police said that some arrests were made "because people expect it".

Sport: All they had to do was draw
They lost.

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The INDEX index shows a huge increase in the number of indexes - or is it indices? - being reported.

Yesterday's correction contained the word coorection as opposed to correction, which is the coorect spelling. Sorry.

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