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Fri 23 June 2000 The Harbinger Archive


Funny sort of day really.

Hippy forecast
Like, you know man, sort of heavy stuff man. And flowers. Don't forget lots of flowers, man. But we don't do drugs.

All roads lead to Rome, but expect delays on the M1.


William Hague talk exclusively to the Daily Harbinger about fabric softeners.




ITC tells ITV to move ITN
The Independent Television Commission has told ITV to make the news earlier. ITN who supply the news has put out a request asking everybody to do everything that is newsworthy an hour earlier so that they can report it.

Drug arrests at Glastonbury
A number of drugs have been arrested at the Glastonbury Festival in Glastonbury. The drugs were found to be in possession of humans. The police said that this year they were clamping down on the number of cases of human abuse at the festival that also has some pop groups playing some songs.

Running water on Mars
NASA scientists say that there is evidence that running water could be flowing on the planet Mars. The claim comes following the discovery of a huge thick line on a series of pictures taken by a Mars probe. A spokesman for NASA said, "We're quite excited about this as water could mean life, unless of course it has drowned in the water". Meanwhile a spokesman for Seven Trent Water said, "If it turns out that water is running on Mars then NASA owe us a lot of money. And if it turns out to be a leak, then we can't fix it until next Thursday".

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The SHORT index was up.

There's nothing to print in this column today so leave it off the front page you guys in the print room.





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