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The Harbinger on Sunday
11 June 2000 The Harbinger Archive
In briefs

Man run over by moth
A Hartlepool man remains in a critical condition in hospital after he was run over by a moth. Police say no one else was involved in the accident. The moth was was treated for shock and allowed home.

Headline writer lost
Peter Poster the leading headline writer has gone missing from his home in Surrey. Police say that they are not too bothered and his family don't seem to give a damn either.

Door slammed shut and then opened again
Unconfirmed reports say that a door in Reading town centre was slammed shut last night, just moments before it was reopened. Police say that a man is helping them with their enquirers, which usually means that he's the one that did, or at least knows who it was.

Child named
Colin Peterson, who's only a few months old, has been named Colin Peterson by his parents at a family service in Crewe. No other details are available at the moment.


Drinking straw to sit exam at Oxford
A wax coated paper drinking straw is to sit an exam at Oxford. The straw, who can't be named (it's the law), has been revising for the A-Level History exam for two years. But the state-run school near his home in Cheshire refused to let him sit the exam and now the straw has to travel all the way to Oxford to take it.

A spokesperson for the school (I think it was a woman), said: "If we start allowing drinking straws to sit exams then who knows where it could lead. I mean to say, a school is no place for a drinking straw.

Leading academics at Oxford expect the straw to fail.

17 arrested at car boot sale
17, yes 17, people were arrested following rioting at a car boot sale in Cardiff. Police said that those arrested were known Car Boot terrorists who deliberately go to these kind of events to cause trouble. No one was hurt during the riot but there was some damage to property, including six glasses that were broken and a large print of a small boy crying was ripped. Police estimate the total cost of the damage to be in the region of £3.25.

The death has been announced of Mrs Hilda Greenham's rubber plant after a short illness. It was 3. The plant had thrived for most of its life on the windowsill looking out onto the children's play area.

In 1998 the rubberplant was accidentally knocked over by the decorators and had to be re-potted. In May of this year its leaves started to turn yellow.

The funeral will be held at Norton Allotment on Tuesday at 3pm followed by composting. Family flowers only.

A bit more news

Policeman bit dog
A small dog has been bitten by a policeman in a ferocious attack in Cornwall. The dog, thought to be called 'Tiny', was happily playing in his owners garden when he was set upon by a uniformed policeman and bitten on the ear. The family vet said that Tiny was shaken and needed several stitches in his ear. Members of the public have asked that anyone with information should call other members of the public.

Church to close on Sundays
A church in South Wales is to close on Sundays because of dry rot. The Rev Tony Arthur said:"The rot only seems to set in on a Sunday during my sermon, so we've decided to hold our services on a Tuesday evening instead".

Weekend Weather
Not much different to the week's weather really. I mean, just because it's Sunday doesn't mean that the weather is going to be any different does it? Unless , of course, you live in Slough.


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