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The Harbinger on Sunday
25 June 2000 The Harbinger Archive
In briefs

Headline writer stole food
Peter Poster the leading headline writer stole food from a shop when he was younger. In a shock revelation Mr Poster said, "When I was a kid I remember pinching at bar of chocolate from a school tuck shop." Police say they are looking into the case.

Cat scratched post
A cat has scratched a small post with some thin rope wrapped around it. That post, which also has a fluffy mouse dangling on a piece of string, was at the home of the cat's owner Ms Anna Jones. A local vet described the cats action as "Normal".

Broken nail
Top model Naomi Campbell is in hospital this morning suffering from a broken nail. The accident happened as she was arriving for some big party in America. As she was getting out of the car her nail caught on the seat and broke. Ms Campbell suffered no other injuries, but is said to be suffering from shock and embarrassment as she did have a nail-file with her at the time.


Green tomato wins lottery
An unripe tomato has won over £4million on the National Lottery. The vegetable, that some people say is a fruit, matched all six numbers. A spokesperson for Camelot, the company that runs the Lottery, said, "This is the first time a tomato has won. The tomato has asked for no publicity and we're happy to honour". But already there have been objections to the tomato winning. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott said, "The tomato is clearly green and as I such I would say there is a good chance that that is is too young to play the Lottery. Humans should be over 16, why not vegetables? I think the money should go to me instead".

Missing paper boy mystery
A boy made entirely out of paper had gone missing from his home in Cornwall. Stephen Coster, 13, was playing in his garden when suddenly he just vanished. "One minute he was there, the next he was gone", said his father Colin. Police think that Stephen either blew away, was picked up and thrown away by someone thinking he was a piece of rubbish, got rained on and went all soggy, was eaten by a dog, was accidentally set on fire or is at a friends house playing origami. Stephen is described as being a white piece of paper.

Susan Schwartznorth, the Austrian painter has died at her home in Austria. She was 56. Ms Schwartznorth will be remembered for her painting of the dining room in 1987. All the walls were covered in paper with a delicate flower design while the paintwork was done in her trademark white satin finish. Ms Schwartznorth once admitted that she always found windows the most difficult to do as she always managed to get paint on the glass. In the last couple of years, due to ill health, Ms Schwartznorth got someone else to do her painting.

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Car stalls
A car waiting at traffic lights in the centre of Reading has stalled. Police say that they suspect the driver may have released the clutch too quickly. No one was hurt.

Soup bowl left for dead
A soup bowl, once thought to belong to a taxi driver, has been found on a rubbish tip in West Wales. The bowl, described as "A soup bowl", had been slightly chipped, but it is not known at this stage whether it was damaged at the tip or maliciously. The bowl is now recovering from its ordeal at the home of an antiques dealer, also in West Wales.

Weekend Weather
Everyone will see some rain today, either in their own back garden or on the TV or by some other means.


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