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The Daily Harbinger
Tue 4 July 2000 The Harbinger Archive
American Independence Day Commemorative Edition


Expect it to rain cats and dogs, followed by light birds and frogs. Later in the day some places may get to see a little bee.

Stay at home.


In tomorrow's Daily Harbinger, Bob Monkhouse talks exclusively about piles.







Banks to let us have money for nothing
Lloyds TSB has joined the other big banks by announcing that it is not going to charge people to take their money out of their own accounts through the hole-in-the-wall machines. A spokesperson for Lloyds TSB said, "We've decided to scrap the charges from next year, which gives us a bit of time to think of other ways to make money out of our customers".

Get tough Blair backs down
The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has backed down from plans to impose on-the-spot fines for hooligans. Last week Mr Blair said that he wanted the police to take trouble makers to cash machines and force them to pay banks a pound a time to withdraw money to pay their fines. But a spokesperson for the PM said, "It was a great idea, but now Lloyds TSB and the other banks have spoilt our fun and we're having to rethink our tactics".

Henman breaks racket
Tennis ace Tim Henman has broken his tennis racket. The accident happened as he was beaten in his Wimbledon game against Mark Philippoussis. Witnesses said that Henman's racket collided with the ground at great speed and snapped. A spokesperson at Wimbledon said that the racket had to be 'put down' following the near fatal blow. Mr Henman said later, "I didn't want to win the stupid game in the first place".

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ET 100 index
The ET 100 index closed a tad up against Ball Street, but would have closed higher if it hadn't had to phone home.

In yesterday's late edition of The Daily Harbinger we accidentally printed a photograph.







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