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Fri 7 July 2000 The Harbinger Archive
Special winners and losers edition


Tuma luma luma, Tuma luma luma, any umbrellas, any umbrellas to mend today.

Get the motor running.


Exclusive pictures of the Queen Mother bathing topless at Brighton. Weather permitting.









Tony Blair's son arrested for being drunk - at 16.
The Prime Minister's 16-year-old son, Euan, has been arrested for being drunk and incapable. Euan, who is 16, was found by police officers in Leicester Square, in London's West End at about eleven o'clock on Wednesday night. The boy, who will not be eighteen for another two years, was reported to be "very sorry". His father, Tony Blair, said, "If it was anyone else's son I would demand a change in the law so that irresponsible parents would face the full force of the law. If it hadn't have been my son, I would have demanded that the child be marched to a cash point and made to pay a hefty fine. And if it had turned out to have been the son of a Conservative MP, I would have demanded a resignation."

Germany wins the World Cup
Germany has won the the battle to host the World Cup in 2006, just days after being beaten by England in Euro 2000. Within minutes of the announcement that they had beaten everyone else, thousands of German football fans were laying scarfs on the seats at the grounds where the matches will be played.

Planet wins at Wimbledon
One of the seven planets, Venus, has made it through to the Wimbledon Ladies' Final. It's the first time a celestial body has got this far in a Grand Slam tournament. Star gazer, Patrick Moore, said, "It's great news. I remember back in 1956 Saturn was knocked out in the quarter finals, following an unexpected total solar eclipse. This is fantastic news. But I won't be watching the final because I think tennis is a crap game".

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WOMAN index
The WOMAN index looked set to close 23 points down on the previous day, but at the last minute it changed its mind and closed up 6 points.

Yesterday's weather forecast was in fact repeated from March 27th, but oddly enough the weather was also a repeat.








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