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Fri 21 July 2000 The Harbinger Archive


When will we see the end of this damned heatwave?

Ditto yesterday.


Tomorrow in your Daily Harbinger, "I was a teenage acne sufferer", by Sir John Mills.








News At Ten could be back at a different time
The Independent Television Commission has said it will issue a "legally binding" direction to ITV to force the network to bring the eleven o'clock news forward if it does not return to the News at Ten. In a statement released just after 2pm, but an hour later than advertised because of an over running programme, the ITC said, "Eleven o'clock is too late for the News at Ten, so unless it goes back to ten o'clock we will taken legal action to move it earlier than eleven. Eight would be too early and nine would clash with a programme on the BBC called The Nine O'clock News, so ten seems the best time to have it, hence the name News at Ten". All times are BST.

Loadsa money for transport
The Transport Secretary John Prescott has announced that he is to pump 180 billion over the next 10 years in order to ease road congestion and boost public transport. "I'm going to buy everyone a train each", he said.

Taxing problem
Millions of tax records have gone "missing" after the Inland Revenue suffered a number of computer problems. But the people at the tax office, who never get anything wrong, deny that there is a problem. "Everything is in order here. We know what we're doing and I can assure you that the only records unaccounted for are those of the Labour peer Lord Levy".

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WHAT index
The WHAT index closed 6 points down. The WHAT index. WHAT index. No it's called the WHAT. I said it is called the WHAT. WHAT is its name. No it's name is WHAT.

In yesterday's Daily Harbinger all the letter 'O's were printed upside down. Sorry about that.






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