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Mon 24 July 2000 The Harbinger Archive


Gone a bit chilly again.

Pollen count
Sorry, I miscounted and will have to start again. 1,2,3,4...


Tomorrow in your Daily Harbinger - Money Talks - an exclusive interview with a five pound note.








Vegetarian sacked
A vegetarian agriculture secretary has been dropped from the Welsh Assembly cabinet during a reshuffle by First Secretary Rhodri Morgan. Christine Gwyther, who has been a vegetarian for 20 years, said, "The world has gone mad. I would have thought that the First Secretary would have waited until next week to sack me when the House of Lords vote on Section 58 on whether Vegetarianism can be promoted in schools".

Cracking up
60mm long microscopic cracks have been found in the wings of all seven of British Airway's Concorde supersonic planes. A spokesperson for British Airways said, "It's not a safety issue. We wouldn't let them fly if there was any risk to safety,". But one plane has already been grounded because the crack has got worse. British Airways are now considering taking all their Concordes out of regular service and only use them to fly British football fans abroad.

Getting the bird
The hit record 'The Birdie Song' has been voted the worst record of all time in a poll aimed at boosting a web site's hits. The song, by the Tweets, beat off stiff competition by Barbie Girl, Chris de Burgh and the Teletubbies. Someone who knows a bit about music said, "The tunes are catchy and highly memorable. They made their writers a lot of money. But at the end of the day you can't get away from the fact that they are crap."

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The AMBIGUOUS index closed six points up at 678 - that's six points down.

The following letters were missed out of Saturday's edition: i,m,w,s,t,o







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