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The Daily Harbinger
Mon 31 July 2000 The Harbinger Archive
Special 'let's knock other newspapers' edition

Saint Day

St Bob, patron saint of women with hairy armpits.

Quote of the day
"We are a dick head"
Denis Thatcher


Tomorrow only in your Daily Harbinger - The truth behind the Mel Gibson boxer shorts scandal that nearly cost him his life.










No pictures
The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has defended his decision to run to the Press Complaints Commission about unofficial photographs of his baby son. The pictures, taken at baby Blair's Christening on Saturday appeared in some of the more unsavoury Sunday papers and deeply offended the PM. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said, "Mr and Mrs Blair don't want any old picture of Leo in every daily newspaper. Mr and Mrs Blair want to pick which pictures should be used in which paper. For example, in the Times Leo would be pictured in the library. In the Daily Mail little Leo would be all cute and cuddly, while for the Sun Leo's head would be superimposed onto the body of a naked Cherrie Blair."

NoW steps up name and shame campaign
The News of the World 'newspaper' has been criticised again for naming more convicted paedophiles as part of its continuing campaign to highlight offenders living in the community. Now the newspaper is to step up the campaigning by publishing the names and addresses of people objecting to their campaign, followed by people who do not buy their newspaper and finally listing names, addresses and dates of when all the above plan on being away from home on holiday as a service to criminals looking for easy pickings.

The clone ranger
The growing of spare body parts has come a step nearer after the Government dismissed reports that it would give the go-ahead for further experiments. Scientists are looking at ways that they can grow spares and have asked the Science Minister Lord Sainsbury to set up a working party headed by gardener Charlie Dimmock, who has already grown a spare set of thingies in a greenhouse in Wigan.

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In some editions of Friday's Harbinger we may have given the impression that Florence Nightingale was still alive. This is not the case and we apologise to her family for any upset this may have caused.










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