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The Harbinger on Sunday
16 July 2000 The Harbinger Archive
In briefs

Bird gets enthusiasts all excited
Birdwatchers all over the country have been flocking to Devon to see a Dodo. The Dodo, thought to be called Nigel, was first spotted on Wednesday night by a local man out walking his dog. Within minutes twitches from all over the country were setting up cameras and binoculars hoping to get a glimpse of the bird, but it seems to have gone into hiding.

Headline writer 'lost for words'
Peter Poster the leading headline writer was 'lost for words' on Tuesday when Michael Aspel produced a big red book and said "Peter Poster, leading headline writer, tonight, This is Your Life". Mr Poster said," ".

Train strike bad news for dormice
A small family of dormice from Leeds are worried that a planned rail strike next Tuesday could be very inconvenient for them as they were planning to go to Blackpool for the day.


Lost sheep
A small woman has lost her sheep. Bo Peep, was taking her flock to market when they went missing. "I don't know where to find them", she told The Harbinger on Sunday. Police have now begun a nationwide search for the sheep, which are all white, except for one black one. A spokesman for the police said, "I'm sure they'll come home sooner or later". A little boy who lives down the lane has been brought in for questioning.

Biggest ever pizza to be sold is sold
The world biggest ever pizza has been sold at a small shop in Bristol. The pizza, the biggest ever made anywhere in the world, measured two miles in diameter and weighed a hefty sixty tons. Martin Glibb, the owner of the shop where the pizza was sold said, "I didn't even realise we had it for sale. With it being so big, I though it must have been on sale at another shop, but no, it turned out that it was our shop." The pizza was bought by Sarah Parkinson who said, "I distinctively asked for no olives and there were olives all over the thing, so I sent it back and ordered a Chinese instead".

A man known to millions is no longer alive. The man, who'd been suffering from terminal veruccas, died noisily at his home in Bolton. A family friend said, "I was with him when he went. It was beautiful. We were playing Scrabble when all of a sudden he put down a seven letter word on a triple word score." A neighbour who was also in the house at the time said, "I challenged the word as I though it only had one 't' in it, but he insisted, so we had to look it up. By the time we found out it was the right spelling, he'd died. It's such a shame as he would have scored 156 points". The funeral is expected to take place.

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Missing link found The missing link has been found on a rubbish tip in South Wales. The link, much sought after by anthropologists was left in a metal recycling skip.

Doughnut gang strike again
The doughnut gang, reported in last week's Harbinger on Sunday, have struck again in Cheshire. A cream horn and a Bakewell tart stole a large amount of money from a McDonalds restaurant in Chester. The leader of the gang, a jam doughnut, is thought to have been driving the getaway car.

Weekend Weather
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