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The Harbinger on Sunday
23 July 2000 The Harbinger Archive
In briefs

Policeman buys allotment
A police officer from Devon has bought an allotment near to his home. PC Colin Blakemore said, "I've always wanted to grow my own onions and now I can".

Headline writer took overdose
Peter Poster the leading headline writer is recovering in Birmingham General Hospital after taking an overdose of sherbet. Mr Poster, who is over 50, is said to be comfortable but his "water" is pink.

Lottery winner had wrong numbers
A woman who won four million pounds on the National Lottery has told the Harbinger on Sunday that none of her numbers matched those drawn in last Saturday's Lottery and that Camelot had refused to pay her.


Odds restaurant set to open in London
The latest craze from America is set to hit London this month as the "Odds" restaurant chain opens it's first branch in the UK. The restaurant only takes bookings for an odd number of people - 1,3,5,7,9 etc. "It's worked really well in the States", said a spokesperson for "Odds", "It's great fun when someone rings up and asks for a table for four and we say - no." Last year "Evens" restaurant opened in Manchester but closed after just two weeks by Trading Standards when it was discovered that a party of 11 had been allowed a table while a party of 4 and a party of 6 were made to wait outside in the rain.

Man-eating car stolen
Police in the Midlands have made an urgent appeal for the person who stole a Citroen 2CV in Birmingham to abandon it immediately and call the 'authorities'. It is thought that the car is responsible for eating six people at a car park in the city last weekend. A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said, "We'd been keeping a close eye on the car as we suspected that it eating people. But when we looked away for just two minutes someone stole it. Their life may be in danger." If anyone sees the car the police spokesperson says,"God help them".

Someone else has died. They were 75 and they'd had a good innings. The body will be stripped to the bone and dragged through Chesterfield before being broken into little pieces and used as cat litter. A close relative said, "It's what they would have wanted".

Site Search

Small boat lost
Coastguards in Anglesey, North Wales, have called off a sea-search for a small boat after it turned up in the bath of local nurse Helen Morgan.

Dogs to eat paper
Every dog is Britain is to be put on a diet of paper towels following the latest outbreak of fleas. "It's the smell of meat on a dogs breath that attracts the fleas, so we reckon that if dogs ate nothing but paper, the fleas would be gone within nine days".

Weekend Weather
The weekend weather is taking a short break and will be back in a fortnight.


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