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The Daily Harbinger
Fri 11 August 2000 The Harbinger Archive

Saint Day

St Shirley, patron saint of wax strips.

Quote of the day
"Anybody seen my bloody cape?"
Actor Christopher Lee


In tomorrow's Harbinger...
We name and shame all those people who bought Stairway to Heaven by Rolf Harris.










Dickhead sails into trouble again
Eric Abbott, the so called sailor, has fallen fowl of his worst enemy, the sea, again. In yesterday's Daily Harbinger we reported that Thick Eric had been rescued by lifeboats six times. Well he really managed to pulled out all the stops and made it seven when he ran aground at Rhyl. Eric, who uses roadmaps to navigate, said, "I was looking for a motorway service station but seemed to have beached my boat at some scruffy Welsh village." A spokesperson for the Holyhead Coastguard said, "He shouldn't be allowed in a boat again. Next time we'll let the daft bastard drown, in fact I think we should just drown him now."

Mobile phone probe
Channel 4 television has launched a huge publicity drive following allegations that a member of the Big Brother 'family' had smuggled a mobile phone into the house. Ten sad people had been selected to live together in a house watched by other sad people all over the world via the internet as an experiment in getting big viewing figures. But a spokesperson for Channel 4 said, "The figures dipped a bit so we thought we'd better get a good story in the press and we came up with the mobile phone idea". It's thought the whole Big Brother thing is a hoax and the people are not really in the house but the cameras are watching actor rehearsing for Brookside.

Cybersquatting - look it up
The word 'Cybersquatting' has been included in the new Oxford dictionary. Other new words include: White-van man, Combat trousers and WAP phones. A spokesperson for the Oxford Compact English Dictionary said, "I love finding new words to include. 'Scroon', 'pijjle' and 'opopo' are not real words but should be. 'Tit' is a real word but shouldn't be and 'phganggong' is one of those words that sound as though it should be something nasty but is actually a misspelling of the word 'wart'.

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Did the SARCASTIC index close yesterday? No it went on a barge trip in the Norfolk Broads.

Yesterday's Harbinger
Due to 'pressures away from work', the employee responsible for uploading yesterday's issue was not able to carry out his duties. One or two 'problems at home' were to blame. This is the first time he has failed to do his job properly in his long career at the Harbinger. Those of you who missed yesterday's edition can still see it via our archive. We all make the odd little mistake and no real harm was done.

A vacancy has just come up for a webpage uploader at the Daily Harbinger. No previous experience is necessary. Apply to usual address.




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