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The Daily Harbinger
Fri 18 August 2000 The Harbinger Archive

Saint Day

St Agnus, patron saint of silver trails left by snails and slugs.

Quote of the day
"Turn that bloody music down"
Mrs Gallagher, mother of Liam and Noel


In tomorrow's Harbinger...
Sir Anthony Hopkins shows us his collection of mouldy peanuts.










More go digital
The telecoms regulator, Oftel, says that use of digital TV services is growing and that one in five households now has a digital television. Another interesting figure that made us all sit up and go "Durh" was that Digital TV is most popular among the more well-off consumers, while take-up is lowest among unemployed households, older people, and small households. In other words the only people who have it are the people who can afford it. A spokesperson for Oftel said, "I can confidently predict that in the future everyone will be watching digital TV, especially after analogue signals are scrapped".

Girls are better than boys - official
The latest set of A-level results show that girls are cleverer than boys when it comes to exams. More girls sat A-level this year - 54% against 46% from males. The number of girls awarded A grades was 18.1%, up from 17.4%. The figure for boys was 17.5%, unchanged from last year. A spokesperson for girls said, "We're not thick you know. We've got brains too and anything the boys can do we can do better". A spokesperson for boys said, "Girls smell".

Bobby jobby for Wookey Hole(y)
Thomson Racal Defence, a private company, is sponsoring a police officer to keep an eye on their factory and offices. The company are paying Avon and Somerset Police 35,000 to have Pc Phil Hutchings to patrol the streets of Wookey Hole. A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said, "The officer remains impartial and no favours have been exchanged with Thomson Racal Defence, who offer a first class service and very reasonable charges. I can send you a brochure if you wish."
It's understood that that other police forces may soon follow suit with Cheshire Police taking sponsorship from a cheese manufacturer, Lancashire Police being sponsored by a Hot Pot company while Merseyside Police will get money from selling off a load of videos in the local pubs.

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