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Thu 8 June 2000 The Harbinger Archive

That sudden downpour really caught me out yesterday. I was unloading the car when it just chucked it down.

Shipping forecast
I remember when I was little I had a radio controlled motorboat as a toy. I don't think it was meant to be used in the Irish Sea.

The A1 is quite long today with a number of other roads running off it. Watch out for a bad bend just after the turn off for the motorway.

NAPPY index
The NAPPY remains unchanged at number 2.



Court rule over Microsoft
A US (United States) judge has ruled that the Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is to be split into two. Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson said that Gates was making too much money and should be cut into two pieces. It's not yet certain whether the split will run head to toe or straight across his stomach. Gates is expected to appeal, but it is unlikely anyone will be too bothered about that.

Blair and Ahern meet to discuss NI
Prime Minister Tony Blair was in high level talks at Downing Street last night with Caroline Ahern. Ms Ahern, who has appeared on TV as Mrs Merton (she's not a real person), said that talks over Northern Ireland were going well, "I had a nice cuppa tea with Tone and we chatted about stuff and I think I heard the baby cry a couple of times." When pressed on Northern Ireland Ms Ahern, who is best known for her drinking, said, "Isn't that north of Southern Ireland?"

Sport: England blow for Euro 2000
The chances of England gaining any glory in the Euro 2000 championship has been dealt a heavy blow after the Dutch police refused entry into the country of two soccer hooligans. The refusal of entry means that England will be left exposed should the competition be over shadowed by violence.

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