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The Daily Harbinger
Fri 9 June 2000 The Harbinger Archive

The odd cloud or two will no doubt turn out to be a fairly accurate description of the weather somewhere at sometime during the day.

Stripping forecast
Most of the wallpaper will come on in big strips, but there will be awkward bits that will need a good soaking.

Rail users are advised to travel by train and leave the roads free for traffic and hedgehogs.

DOG index
The market was a little nervous following rumours of a Wall Street crash and the DOG index closed 1,342 points down at 3. But it turned out that there wasn't a crash at all, but it was too late as the markets had already closed. A lesson to be learned there I think.



Dome doesn't need more money
The man masterminding the Millennium Dome's runaway success, Pierre-Yves Gerbeau, has said that the tourist attraction doesn't need any more money. Mr Gerbeau has decided to invest the recent £29m lottery grant by placing it all on the favourite in the Epsom Derby on Saturday. Heritage Secretary Chris Smith said; "This is just the sort of imaginative management that confirms that Mr Yves, I think that's his name is, is the right man for the job." When pressed about continuing falling numbers of visitors for the Dome, Mr Smith said; "What Dome is that then?"

MPs to decide on hunting
The Government is bringing forward plans to allow MPs (Members of Parliament) to make up their own mind on hunting. Debate has continued for many years on whether the hunting of whales should be allowed to continue in the countryside. Every year hundreds of killer whales are pulled apart by packs of dog, who really should know better. It's not yet known when the vote will take place, but it should be soon now.

Sport: Cricket match fixing revelations
The world of cricket has been rocked again by further allegations of match fixing. An unnamed former England player has admitted that he deliberately 'played-to-win' in a recent Test Series against Australia. The cricketer said: "When I was called into the team I knew that I was there to strengthen the team's ability to produce spectacular collapses, but I just wanted to win. I'm proud of what I did". When pressed on the subject of Bodyline, he said: "I rather fancy Elle McPhearson".

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