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Sat 10 June 2000 The Harbinger Archive

The North and South Poles can expect very cold weather today. This also goes for the Equator area, but instead of cold read hot.

Stopping forecast
There's a chance that some people will find it hard to stop today because of adverse weather conditions In places where it is dry, stopping should be easier, but extra care is need if you are carrying something heavy, like a sack of coal.

Following a bit of a bump on Friday night traffic on the M6 is unaffected as the accident happened on the M1. In fact traffic on the M1 is unaffected too.

WHIPPY index
The WHIPPY index closed 56 points down for the week at 3467.879.



Prince's press secretary resigns
The Prince of Wales' Press Secretary, Sandy Henney, has resigned following a mix-up over some family photographs. Ms Henney had been asked to take a role of film to Boots under strict instruction to get an extra set of prints for the Queen Mum. But it appears that there was a bit of a cock-up and to cut a long story short Ms Henny has resigned after the copyright of the pictures were somehow signed over to a Daily Harbinger photographer. When pressed about why she resigned, Ms Henney said: "Oh, have I been resigned? No one told me?". The Daily Harbinger photographer has now done the honourable thing and sold the pictures to a third party.

Millennium Bridge opens to public
The £18m Millennium Footbridge in London actually opens today, a month after it was opened. The Queen 'officially' opened the bridge in May, but didn't like the colour and the whole bloody thing had to be repainted, or something. Anyway, the public get to walk across it today. London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, who apparently doesn't need a bridge, said: "It will be good to actually walk across the river peacefully."

Sport: Euro 2000 ready to kick-off
All eyes will be on Europe for the next couple of weeks as Euro 2000 gets underway. But already there is a bit of trouble brewing as the Conservative Party leader William Hague is leading a national day of campaigning against the Euro. Mr Hague said: "I am speaking for all people, regardless of which party they normally support, who care about our country and want to keep control of our own currency". When pressed on the subject of football, Mr Hague said: "Who's playing?".

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